Video: Ted Nugent Says Barack Obama ‘An Evil, Dangerous Man Who Hates America, and Hates Freedom’

photo credit: sdwonn

In a recent interview with,Ted Nugent called out President Obama on his proposed infringements on the Second Amendment, accusing the administration of “attempting to re-implement the tyranny of King George.”

“If you want another Concord bridge, I got some buddies,” Nugent said.

Promoting the National Rifle Association’s Stand and Fight campaign, the iconic rocker discussed many topics, including the NRA, new gun laws in New York, the US Justice system, Piers Morgan, and President Obama.

Clearly, Nugent believes our freedoms are threatened by the latest machinations coming out of Washington D.C.

“Those that would take away the right to keep and bear arms, or infringe upon it in any way, are enemies of freedom,” he said.

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In his opinion, the definition of the right to keep and bear is quite simple. “’Keep’ means it’s mine, you can’t have it. ‘Bear’ means I have some on me right now, and they’re loaded.”

In response to the Newtown, CT shooter being used as a rationale for new gun control measures, Nugent pointed out that 41 different laws had been broken in the course of the massacre. He then asked, “How insane do you have to be to think that the 42nd law would have had any effect on this madman?”

He also addressed the media’s ubiquitous question as to why anyone “needs” an AR-15.

Nugent said, “I don’t need to answer why I need an AR-15.” Speaking of the Bill of Rights, he continued. “It’s not the declaration of needs. It’s not the bill of needs. I don’t need a Corvette to go to the store for milk and bread, but I want two.”

He ended the interview by saying that he is energized and excited by the fact that there is a growing movement of people who celebrate the spirit of the Second Amendment, and warned of a bellicose undercurrent to the push for new gun control measures.

“When a man can dictate to another man an unarmed helplessness, such a dictator is dangerous.”

But he didn’t stop there, further stating that the President is “an evil, dangerous man, who hates America, and hates freedom.”