Ambassador: US Wants More Canadian ‘Progress’ On Climate

Photo Credit: alexindigoThe U.S. ambassador to Canada said more progress by the Canadian government on climate change will help shape Americans’ views of its northern neighbor’s massive oil sands resources, according to a published report.

David Jacobson’s remarks to The Globe and Mail come amid a closely watched U.S. review of the proposed Alberta-to-Texas Keystone XL oil sands pipeline, although the paper reports that Jacobson emphasized he wasn’t linking his comments to the Keystone decision.

The ambassador on Wednesday “said that when Canadians can show progress on climate change, it has an impact on Americans’ judgment of whether the energy-security benefits of oil-sands imports outweigh the environmental impact,” The Globe and Mail reports.

“It does,” Jacobson said, according to the paper. “I think that there are an awful lot of folks who are trying to make up their minds, and trying to draw the right balance between these two things, who I think will be moved by progress.

“There has been progress. As I’ve said many times before, there needs to be more progress,” he said.
Jacobson “took pains” to note that he was not drawing a direct link to Keystone or suggesting stronger Canadian action on climate change will ensure U.S. approval of the project.

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