Did Biden Blackmail Obama With Threats of Exposing His ‘Gay Affairs’?

Mike McCormick, a former White House stenographer who worked with Joe Biden, claimed during an interview with Alex Jones that Biden used potential damaging information to manipulate Barack Obama.

McCormick alleges that Biden threatened to expose Obama’s supposed homosexual affairs unless certain conditions were met, wielding this information as a tool for political leverage. . .

During the interview with Alex Jones, McCormick claimed Biden discovered potentially scandalous information about Obama’s private life early in their partnership and used it to ensure his place as a close and indispensable advisor.

Alex Jones: So finishing up with this area, you’ve been inside, worked for Trump, worked for Biden. You’ve been in the middle of it while you’re there with the world leaders, creating a record of it. We’re talking about a fly on the wall. What does the Democrat establishment do?

Because I’ve always thought and seen that Obama had a lot of control of Biden. But I agree, he’s shifting more towards Hillary. Do you think Obama was really the power behind it, or was that made up? Or has it always just been Biden in control?

Mike McCormick: I think people talk about Obama being the puppet master and Biden being the puppet. I think it was the other way around. I think Obama made his mark in the Democratic circles in 2004 with a big speech at the Democratic Convention. Joe Biden at that time knew he wanted to run in 2008. So he marked this guy. He probably had his operatives go look into his background.

In 2006, when Obama makes it through and gets him in the Senate, Biden tucked him right under his wing. He was the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. He tucked him right under his wing and put him on the Foreign Relations Committee so he could get some foreign policy experience. Probably Biden at that time thought he would be the presidential candidate and have Obama as his vice president.

Well, Obama flipped the script on him. But Biden may have known something about Obama, something out of his personal life that Obama had to hide. He makes Biden his vice president. Biden always had this saying about Obama that he told him, “I want to be the last guy in the room after everybody leaves when there’s a big deal to be done.”

I want to be the last guy in the room with you. That’s probably when Biden told him, “OK, you’re going to do this with me because I know this.”

Alex Jones: What is that thing? That Obama is a homosexual?

Mike McCormick: Yeah, I think that’s what he was talking about. What I knew, I don’t know for certain what Obama was behind the scenes.

Alex Jones: But you were watching this as his stenographer. Wow.

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