An Open Letter to the Sanctimonious Bill O'Reilly (+video)

Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey

Dear Bill O’Reilly,

You’re a pinhead! Just watched your segment with Laura Ingraham on “Bible thumping.” While you are correct that arguments from religious authority will not work, using pejorative epithets like “Bible thumper” is inherently offensive no matter how accurate you think it might be. It is an attempt to marginalize, ridicule and belittle fundamentalist and evangelical Christians. It’s a whole lot like calling homosexuals the queer F-word.

What you are implying is that Christians are beating people up with the Bible, and that the Bible has no place in public life. You appear to also be suggesting that Biblical wisdom stands in stark contrast to rational discourse. None of that is true. In fact, it could hardly be further from the truth. Every significant idea at the core of Western thought has its genesis in the Christian synthesis of Hebrew religion and Greek philosophy.

While I believe that conservatives have done a poor job arguing the “gay marriage” issue, the whole concept of government-sanctioned same-sex marriage is fundamentally irreconcilable with the intent of the government’s involvement with marriage in the first place.

Government-sanctioned marriage is NOT a Right, it is the government’s implementation of the “general welfare” clause in which it seeks to encourage behavior that is salubrious, and discourage that which is deleterious.

Traditional marriage is privileged because in the long history of human experience, it has been linked to human flourishing and the well-being of society. It has always been the foundation of Western Civilization, and provides certain benefits to society that same-sex marriage simply cannot. These are not religious statements. They are historical and empirically verifiable.

This whole debate has absolutely NOTHING to do with freedom or equality under the law. Gays can already get married in America, they just can’t access certain government benefits (such as tax breaks) offered to traditional families. Nor should the government offer such benefits, because those relationships do not offer back the same benefits to society.

If the government does indeed sanction same-same marriage on account of specious arguments put forward under the banner of human “Rights” and “equal protection,” not only will the good of the order not be served, but under this false flag an inherent contradiction will be established between the “free exercise” of the First Amendment and the “equal protection” guaranteed by the Fourteenth.

I enjoy watching your show, but you could not be more wrong on this issue. Nor could your choice of words be more ill-informed.

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