The Radical Transformation of America’s Classrooms

Photo Credit: abdulrahman.stock

Liberal education has been very successful in this country because nobody challenged the progressive educators and their agenda. We are waking up to the unraveling of our society caused by this liberal education and wondering, what happened. Could it be too late to reverse the damage?

Conservative news outlets are pointing out the obvious—our children have been indoctrinated into socialism for 33-40 years and this indoctrination is finally bearing fruit. We have bred a nation of young, entitled citizens who do not like to work, do not like to read or study anything too involved or complicated that exceeds Twitter’s 140 words, do not take responsibility for their actions, exhibit righteous indignation if their demands are not met, claim racism and hate speech if others disagree with them, and are afraid of their shadows.

Students no longer explore and discuss the history of America even in the History Department of the local college—it has long been replaced by courses that praise and promote sexual, “racial and ethnic differences,” instead of highlighting our common American heritage, what made America great and an exceptional nation that has contributed to the betterment of mankind. Socialist professors admire, teach, and laud the history of non-western cultures as superior to our own culture.

As the Blaze reported, Thomas Klingenstein commissioned a report on Bowdoin’s (a liberal arts college) academic and non-academic curriculum. The National Association of Scholars produced 355 pages of information describing in great detail what the college was teaching.

Short on critical thinking skills, the college, instead of concentrating on scientists, men of letters, philosophers and orators who contributed to western thought and civilization, chose courses such as Queer Gardens, Beyond Pocahontas: Native American Stereotypes, Sexual Life of Colonialism, and Modern Western Prostitutes.

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