Two 11-Year-Olds Receive Threats For Testifying Against Same-Sex Marriage

Photo Credit: Breitbart

In the past two months, in attempts to offer an argument against same-sex marriage, two children have testified before their state legislators, countering other children who have been testifying for it. The two children testifying against it have either been crudely insulted or received death threats.

In February, speaking to the Minnesota House Committee on Civil Law, 11-year-old Grace Evans offered this statement…

Her father, Jeff Evans, revealed the treatment Grace had received from political opponents:

We haven’t had any physical threats, but we’ve had some rather colorful comments about my 11-year-old. I’ve been monitoring it to keep my family safe and have a heads up on it. It’s really shameful the things that people will say, hiding behind an Internet alias. We see it as more representative of where political discourse is in our country, where you can’t take a position without receiving a great deal of flak, which is unfortunate.

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