Coming Out Courage? NBA Star Who Admitted He Was Homosexual Lied to Girlfriend, Put Her at Risk For AIDS

By Debbie Schlussel. What’s more “courageous”–telling the world you are gay when your NBA career is dying and you need some buzz to revive it and get picked up by a new team? Or telling your girlfriend that you are gay before you have sex with her, put her at risk for AIDS, and then ask her to marry you?

Well, Jason Collins–whom the media and the unelected conventional wisdom purveyors of the world have declared “courageous!” for telling us he has sex with men–chose not to do the latter. He repeatedly lied to, had sex with, and then asked his girlfriend, Carolyn Moos, to marry him, and she accepted. They were together for EIGHT years. EIGHT. And this fraud never once told her he’s gay.

It ain’t like we’re in the age of “The Brady Bunch,” and Robert Reed has to pretend he’s hetero, get married, and father a daughter to keep his starring role as Mike Brady. No, we’re in an age in America–and have been for at least a decade or two–in which Jason Collins could have done the right thing and not led a woman on, possibly exposing her to AIDS–because he probably went on the “down-low” and also had sex with men while he was with her. (“The down-low” is the slang term in the Black community for men who are secretly gay and have gay sex but date or marry women.)

Eight years of deception. Eight years of lying to this chick. And this is “courage”? Hilarious. Read more from this story HERE.

Football preparing the ground for first gay players

By Simon Evans. They’re big, they’re tough, and, presumably, some of them are gay, but so far not a single active NFL player has come out and said so. After NBA player Jason Collins broke that barrier this week, the National Football League is making sure it will be ready for any coming out party.

Earlier this year, at least three college football players said they had been asked about their sexual orientation during NFL recruitment interviews, sparking calls for the NFL to do more to fight discrimination.

Just hours before Collins’ coming out statement was published by Sports Illustrated on Tuesday, the NFL – America’s most popular sport, with $9 billion a year in revenue – released a ‘workplace conduct statement’ regarding sexual orientation.

“The NFL has a long history of valuing diversity and inclusion. Discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation is not consistent with our values and is unacceptable in the National Football League,” league commissioner Roger Goodell says in the document.

League spokesman Greg Aiello told Reuters that the timing of the release was purely coincidental and that the document had been worked on for several weeks with no advance notice given to the NFL about Collins’s impending statement. Read more from this story HERE.