FL School District Scans Students’ Eyes; Parents Outraged (+video)

Photo Credit: wfla

Should a school district be allowed to scan students’ eyes for an added layer of security? It’s a question that’s fueling debate in Polk County. But it’s how the district implemented a pilot program that has sparked outrage.

“I believe our privacy has been invaded,” said a parent Connie Turlington. “I don’t think it was right and it was done unlawfully.”

Rob Davis, senior director of support services for Polk County Schools, says the district was going to try a pilot program that used iris scanners on 17 buses at three schools: Bethune Academy, Daniel Jenkins Academy, and the Davenport School of the Arts.

“It was for an extra-layer of safety for the students and the parents and guardians of students riding the bus,” Davis said.

The program would notify parents via text message or e-mail that their student made it to the destination.

WFLA-TV News Channel 8

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