Horror in Mexico: US Mother Jailed For Drugs Found Under Her Seat on Public Bus (+video)

Photo Credit: schlaegerA Goodyear couple traveled to Mexico last week to attend a family funeral…

The wife is in a Mexican jail right now accused of smuggling marijuana…

The couple, with seven children and two grandchildren between them, were on their way back to Arizona [on a Mexican bus] after attending a funeral for Yanira Maldonado’s aunt.

“They interviewed several of the other passengers and after about 2 1/2 hours they came to him [Gary] and said unfortunately some of these drugs were found under your seat and you’re under arrest,” Klippel said.

After arresting Gary Maldonado, Mexican officials said they’d made a mistake – that marijuana was actually found underneath Yanira Maldonado’s seat and an empty seat next to her.

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