Missouri Passes Nation’s Most Extreme Gun Protection Bill

The Republican-controlled Missouri Legislature passed the nation’s most extreme gun protection bill, along with bans on Islamic law and the United Nations sustainability agenda, during a late-night session Wednesday.

Under the gun measure, lawmakers overwhelmingly voted to nullify all federal gun laws in the state, while allowing some teachers to carry guns in schools. The bill also says some teachers who do not carry guns can be fired, while providing them with limited arrest powers.

The gun bill’s passage followed passage of the sustainability and Sharia, or Islamic law, bans. All three bills now move to Gov. Jay Nixon (D) for his consideration. A Nixon spokesman said he did not have a comment until the governor reviewed the bills.

Senate Majority Whip Brian Nieves (R-Washington) trumpeted the bills on Facebooklate Wednesday night, describing the gun bill as the “most hard core piece of Second Amendment legislation in the nation.”

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