Socialized Medicine So Bad in UK that Brits are turning to Assisted Suicide

Photo Credit: ALAMYMore than a third of those who said they support a change in the law cited a belief that dying people cannot expect to receive “decent” care at the end of their lives among their reasons.

And while a conviction that people in the 21st century should have a “right to choose” how and when they die dominated the thinking of supporters of assisted dying, only a minority of opponents cited traditional arguments based on life being “sacred”.

The findings emerge from detailed polling of than 4,000 people by YouGov on behalf of the organisers of the regular Westminster Faith Debates.

Overall seven out of 10 people polled agreed with the notion that people with “incurable” illnesses should have the right to ask close friends or relatives to help them commit suicide, without the risk of those people being prosecuted.

Only 16 per cent were actively opposed to the suggestion while 14 per cent were torn.

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