Alaska Statewide Teleconference

Photo Credit: truth in american education

Every Sunday night in Alaska as the weekend comes to a close and to-do lists come back into focus, we jump on the telephone with like-minded people joining from all around the state. The Statewide Teleconference is an effort to facilitate a conversation on a variety of topics important to Alaskans with one goal in mind: restoration of The Rule of Law.

“I thought if we set aside a regular time to talk with one another about issues that are important to us we’d be able to discuss things before they get out of hand,” says Maria Rensel, founder of the group. “In May of this year a group of us got together and decided to spearhead the effort. We meet by teleconference to schedule topics ranging from nullification of unconstitutional Federal laws to drone strikes to corruption in party politics. Last week the discussion centered on the Common Core Curriculum and how it’s being implemented by the Alaska Department of Education right now.”

Michael Chambers, a member of a new group of concerned citizens, United for Liberty Alaska noted that the Sunday teleconferences are a powerful tool for communication. “Alaskans in every corner of this great state share their concerns regarding the intrusion of an oppressive government on every level. The past days of political apathy have led us to the mess we currently have. The only way out of this mess is to awaken the citizenry to action regarding what is best for their individual liberties instead of what is best for special interests.”

The group has no party affiliation and is made up of Libertarians, Republicans, Independents and Undeclared members and is firmly committed to avoiding a formal structure. It was started out as a grassroots group and will stay that way, composed of people calling in and talking. The group intends to address issues that specifically relate to individual liberty and maintaining the founding ideals of the country.

“… Building upon the knowledge of the founding principles embodied in our constitutional liberties coupled with traditional Alaskan independence encompasses the success of this venture,” quips Barbara Andersen an activist and national delegate to the Republican National Convention in 2012.

The “State Wide Teleconference” is a news sharing tool brought to you by Alaskans for Alaskans.  There is no hidden agenda.  It is direct, up front and honest.  This teleconference is a mechanism designed for concerned citizens to “get the word out” and raise awareness on topics that affect our everyday lives; directly or indirectly. 

Pamela Goode of Delta Junction notes that, “The information you receive by listening in, you will not hear or find anywhere else.  Our liberties are being lost due to lack of knowledge and action.  Counter that; do not miss one meeting.”

You can join us this coming Sunday evening at 8:00p.m. Alaska Time for a discussion by Ira Mehlman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, FAIR, on the current state of the Amnesty Bill . Find “The State Wide Teleconference” on Facebook. Like us for updates.*

*If you don’t have a Facebook account, simply search “The State Wide Teleconference” to see the information on how to connect with us for the calls.