Amnesty: Another Ruling Class Effort to Destroy America?

Photo Credit: David McNew

Photo Credit: David McNew

As I’ve listened to the immigration debate over the last several weeks, I’ve struggled with a number of thoughts, most of them negative.

First, some of our supposed liberty-minded allies in the Congress are embracing the pending amnesty bill, suggesting that it is the only way forward for the Republican Party. They maintain that we must show genuine empathy for Hispanics, or we will lose them as a voting bloc forever to the Democrats.

The reality is that many of these “allies” are simply shilling for multinational corporatist interests that are looking to ensure a long term low-cost labor pool, all on the backs of American workers who will suffer lower and lower wages as a result.

Many of these “allies” were the same ones who, in 2010 and 2012, counted on our votes and campaign contributions, promising no amnesty, no reward for illegal aliens. Now that they’re in power, the Ruling Class has infected or compromised them, making them no better than the RINO’s they replaced.

Why? Perhaps their true intent is to continue to destroy the America our Founders died for, one based on states’ rights and individual liberties, all guaranteed under the Constitution. These are not ideals generally embraced by those who snuck across the border for work or benefits.

As Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America has recently observed, making such individuals citizens will hasten the demise of the Second Amendment, a concept wholly foreign to many illegals who came here not for constitutional freedoms, but for the dollar.

I utterly reject the idea that we must find a pathway to citizenship for the millions that are in the United States illegally. The argument that we have de facto amnesty already and that we might as well give citizenship away to illegals is repugnant to the millions that are waiting for citizenship the right way.

An example of this is my son-in-law who is a Mexican citizen. Rather than jumping the border and to the front of the line, he’s working hard to achieve citizenship through the proper channels. Why should we be bending over backward to reward lawbreakers while continuing to frustrate those who are trying to abide by our laws and become citizens the right way?

Why is it that people think we have to give citizenship to people that are in our country illegally? This senseless, globalist-inspired approach should be rejected.

What does rejecting amnesty leave us with? Mass deportation? Of course not. The compromise answer is to give the illegals what they came here for: permission to work. Grant work visas but NOT citizenship just because they’ve been here illegally for years.

So don’t buy off on the mantra adopted by many conservatives that granting citizenship is the only answer to long-time illegal residents. That approach will only lead to another wave of illegals in the future, just as the Reagan-era amnesty has created the current predicament. Rewarding lawbreaking just encourages more of the same.

The Senate will have a vote on the Gang of 8 Amnesty Bill on Monday. Remember, whether false promises of border security are made or not, citizenship for illegals is NOT the answer. And anything other than amnesty will not be accepted by the Ruling Class. In short, there is no fix to the Amnesty Bill. The grassroots must kill it, just like in 2007. Call your Senators at (202) 224-3121, now!