Restaurant Tells Woman who Ran into Male Cross-Dresser in Ladies Room to Use Men’s Room (+video)

Photo Credit: CBS

By Todd Starnes. A Nashville woman who found herself face-to-face with a “big, burly” cross-dresser in the ladies room of a family restaurant felt her horror turn to anger after a restaurant manager suggested she try the men’s room.

Transgendered people in several states have been fighting for the right to use public restrooms that correspond with whatever sex they consider themselves, with lawmakers in California and Massachusetts providing support for the idea. But David Staton, whose wife had the disquieting run-in while eating out at Amerigo, a restaurant in the country music capital, has a simple solution.

“There needs to be some sort of law that says if you are born a man with man-parts, you go to the men’s bathroom,” said Staton.“In a family restaurant, men should go to the men’s room and women should go to the women’s.”

Amerigo owner Doug Hogrefe confirmed to Fox News that the incident occurred and apologized to the couple.

“Amerigo does not have a policy regarding questioning its guests about gender identity in our restrooms,” he said. “In my 20-plus years in the restaurant industry, this is also the first time something like this has come up.” Read more from this story HERE.


Transgender Teen Voted Prom Queen At Middleboro High

By Lauren Leamanczyk. Cody Tubman had a dream prom night, the perfect dress and then the crown to go with it.

Cody was voted prom queen of Middleboro High School.

“I was all smiles,” Cody says laughing. “We were standing there and they announced I was prom queen. So I was like ‘oh yay, so exciting,’ But it was kind of surprising.”

It was surprising because Cody is transgender.

She was born a boy but she started dressing as a girl when she was a freshman in high school. She says she feels more confident and comfortable in her body. Read more from this story HERE.


‘Transgender’ person reveals how he served as part of Navy SEAL Team Six for 20 years before retiring and leaving his male self behind

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

By Meghan Keneally. A former Navy SEAL has written a book about the 20 years that they spent in the elite squad before living life as a woman.

Kristen Beck was called Chris while she served in the famous Navy SEAL squad, one team of which gained international recognition for being the ones who killed Osama bin Laden.

As Chris, Beck served for 20 years in SEAL team 6 and retired just months before the May 2011 raid on bin Laden’s compound.

During her time in the military, Beck went on 13 deployments- including seven in combat zones- and earned both a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star.

Now she is detailing her multi-year process in transitioning from living life as one of the world’s most highly-skilled soldiers to that of her female personality that feels like more of a matched fit to her mental and emotional personality. Read more from this story HERE.