NPR Radio Host Shamelessly Associates Chick-fil-A With Hitler (+video)

Photo Credit: Mark TurnauckasA publicly funded radio host [Peter Sagal] likened Chick-fil-A to Adolf Hitler Saturday in a warped attempt at humor…

He asked guest Amy Dickinson: “KFC is considering suing a restaurant in Thailand for using its logo and replacing Col. Sanders with blank?” The advice columnist guessed the Buddha, but the correct answer was Hitler.

Dickinson gasped when she heard about the true story. However Sagal, who is Jewish, continued. “Yum Brands which owns KFC was pretty ticked off when it noticed the Hitler restaurant in Bangkok was using the Col. Sanders logo with Hitler’s head Photoshopped in.

“Yum Brands is planning legal action,” continued Sagal. “But the owners of the Hitler restaurant say they are very sorry for insulting a chicken restaurant by associating it with a symbol of intolerance — and next time they will just go with Chick-fil-A.”

Listen to the NPR segment here:

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