Zimmerman Trial’s Real Goal: Destroy the Second Amendment

By Jonathon Moseley. Destroying the Second Amendment and the people’s right of self-defense was the real goal of the George Zimmerman prosecution. Liberals hoped to scare gun owners, regardless of the eventual verdict. Traumatizing and intimidating people from using a firearm to defend themselves were what this case was really about.

This prosecution was an attempt to overturn Florida’s “stand your ground law.” Florida dramatically changed the law effective October 1, 2005 by amending Florida Statute 776.013(3). Previously, one had to run away if possible when threatened.

But many believed that this put the burden of proof on the victim of aggression. Victims of crime would have to prove that they could not have escaped safely and they had no other choice but to use deadly force. Florida’s legislature was persuaded that the “duty to retreat” often put the innocent party in an impossible position to prove their innocence. While deadly force should never be used unless necessary, the victims of crime sometimes faced an unwinnable challenge.

But liberals were outraged. Gun control activists hysterically called it “Florida’s Shoot First Law.” Opponents passed out fliers at Miami International Airport scaring tourists, hoping to blackmail Florida’s powerful tourism industry and pressure the Florida legislature into a repeal.

Florida’s “stand your ground law” had to be reversed or nullified. If owning a gun is useful for self-defense, then banning guns becomes more difficult. So self-defense had to be eliminated so that owning a gun would have no purpose. How else could liberals create a population dependent upon government? Read more from this story HERE.


Ted Nugent says lesson in Trayvon Martin incident: ‘Teach your children not to attack people’

By Jeff Poor. On Dennis Miller’s radio show on Monday, rock and reality show star Ted Nugent sounded off on the outcome of the trial of George Zimmerman, who was acquitted of charges in the murder of Trayvon Martin…

“I’m 65 years old this year, Dennis, and I’ve never seen such ugly race relations since the white and black water fountains in Detroit went away,” Nugent said. “We were on an even keel. We were on the upgrade. I think racism for all practical purposes was gone five, six years ago and it’s back with a vengeance and it breaks my heart. But here’s the ultimate lesson, if everyone would take a deep breath — I hear a lot of squawking that parents go, ‘Well, that could have been my kid, that could have been my dead child.’ Well, here’s a little update for you: Teach your children not to attack people, thank you very much.” Read more from this story HERE.