Gunned Down Side by Side: Tragedy of Architect who Cradled Heavily Pregnant Harvard Girlfriend in his Arms as they Lay Dying At Kenyan Mall Massacre (+video)

Photo Credit: AAP

Photo Credit: AAP

In two weeks they were due to experience the joy of becoming parents for the first time.

But instead they died arm in arm in a pool of blood – gunned down by Islamist extremists as they went out for lunch in a Kenyan shopping centre.

In photographs too graphic to print, Briton Ross Langdon cradles sweetheart Elif Yavuz, one hand draped protectively over her pregnant stomach. The burger and chips they had just bought are scattered across the floor.

The takeaway counter next to them is riddled with AK-47 bullets, sprayed by members of terror cell Al Shabaab at anyone deemed to be non-Muslim..

In his last moments, the 33-year-old appears to have tried to protect the woman who was to have their first child in just two weeks.

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