A Somali Terror Group Recruited 21 Minnesota Men To Fight Their Cause

Photo Credit: Business Insider

Photo Credit: Business Insider

A Somalian terror group, with ties to Al Qaeda, allegedly recruited 21 young Minnesota men to fight and become suicide bombers.

The Associated Press details how the Islamist cell raised cash, made fake documents, and held clandestine meetings in their effort to recruit Americans. All of this in preparation for their arrival in Somalian safe-houses where the men received AK-47s, weapons training and thorough brain-washing, and according to family members.

Scores of Minnesota’s young Somalian men began to disappear in 2007.

One of them was 17-year old Burham Hassan, a senior at Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis, who disappeared in early 2009. A straight A student who’d been in America since he was a toddler, Hassan studied Islam at the Abubar As-Sassique mosque and joined its youth group.

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