House Defunding of Obamacare May Lead to Delay in Individual Mandate (+video)

john_boehner_034In a bold move, Republican Speaker John Boehner and his leadership have done what grassroots organizations have been encouraging them to do all summer: defund ObamaCare. Given the Senate’s Democratic leadership and their refusal to consider this option, the GOP’s move may lead to a compromise to delay the individual mandate at the very least.

As The Washington Times reported, the House vote on the continuing resolution (CR) was 230-189 to eliminate the funding for ObamaCare, stopping its implementation. The Affordable Healthcare Act, which isn’t so affordable, has not been implemented in accordance with its own provisions with the Obama administration missing over half of the legally imposed deadlines.

In addition, the Obama administration has delayed the employer mandate for one year, but not the individual mandate to purchase insurance. With the exchanges set to open October 1, this is the final opportunity to stop ObamaCare.

Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat from Nevada, says that the GOP version of the CR is not going to go anywhere in the Senate. President Obama’s press secretary says that Obama will not negotiate with the Republicans on this issue, either. As a result of Obama’s unwillingness to work with the Republicans, Speaker Boehner asks, why will President Obama negotiate with Putin but not the Republican party in his own country?

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