Meet the Man who Caught Cop on Camera Forcibly Removing his Pro-Gun Sign… And why his Attorney Says it Could be a ‘Really Big Deal’

Photo Credit: Jon Gibson

Photo Credit: Jon Gibson

The man who caught a police officer on camera removing his pro-Second Amendment sign from his front yard says his “First Amendment rights are being stifled” — and he takes his constitutional rights very seriously.

Jon Gibson, of Lake Lincolndale, N.Y., told TheBlaze in an exclusive interview on Tuesday that he has retained an attorney and they are “considering our options moving forward.” His attorney, Richard Bombardo, said there is a potential case for “criminal trespassing, vandalism and larceny,” pending additional findings.

As TheBlaze reported on Monday night, Gibson was fed-up after his pro-gun sign was removed from his front yard for the third time. In response, he set up a hunting “trail camera” to catch the suspected thief when he or she came to take the sign for the fourth time.

He was shocked when he reviewed the images and discovered that a police officer with the Somers Police Department was responsible. Somers, N.Y., is a town located about 5 miles from Gibson’s home. However, the Somers police and fire departments serve his area.

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