Miller Applauds Senators for Filibuster to Stop Obamacare, Calls on Alaskans to Join the Cause

joe_millerFairbanks, Alaska. September 24, 2013 — Joe Miller today applauded Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for their filibuster to stop funding for Obamacare.

“I applaud Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for standing up for the American people,” said Miller. “This is the moment of truth. Most Republicans ran on opposition to this “train wreck,” and now we’ll have an opportunity to see if they did so in good faith.”

Senator Mark Begich was the 60th and deciding vote on Obamacare, and has laughed off the question of whether he would vote to defund it. We’ll see if he’s laughing in November of 2014.

Miller’s declared primary opponent claims to support defunding Obamacare. But when asked by a Politico reporter whether he would “risk shutting down the government to defund the Affordable Care Act,” Mr. Treadwell responded:

“Do I like this kind of tactic? No, I believe that you need to have bipartisan conversation and sit down.”

As Senator Ted Cruz has reminded us, it took a whole lot of bipartisanship to get us $17 trillion into debt. “The need of the hour is to have more Senators and Representatives in Washington committed to holding Barack Obama accountable and offering real solutions to our nation’s daunting fiscal challenges, not to send reinforcing statist enablers and diplomats bent on negotiating our terms of surrender,” said Miller.

While others offer the charade of meaningless online petitions, Joe Miller is the only candidate who is willing to embrace the accountability of signing the Senate Conservatives Fund pledge to Defund Obamacare. Joe is calling on all Alaskans who stand in opposition to Obamacare to contact their senators and urge them to stand with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in this important time. Senator Mark Begich: (877) 501-6275/Senator Lisa Murkowski: 202-224-6665