GOP REP: Obama Speech a ‘Display of Foreign Policy Incompetence’

Photo Credit: transplanted mountaineer

Photo Credit: transplanted mountaineer


Rep. Ron DeSantis Tuesday characterized President Barack Obama’s speech on Syria to Newsmax as “a typical Obama performance.”

“He didn’t say anything new,” the Florida Republican told Newsmax. “This is just topping off a catastrophic display of foreign policy incompetence.”

“He basically repeats all the same arguments,” DeSantis added. “He still has not defined a clear military purpose for what he wants to do — certainly no Plan B: If you strike, what happens? — for him to categorically rule out boots on the ground.

“You cannot do that if you’re going to be honest with the American people, because you don’t know what [Syrian President Bashar Assad] would do once you strike,” he said. “All those problems are still there.

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Jonathan Alter: US Cannot Retreat to ‘Fortress America’

By David A. Patten.

Syndicated columnist and best-selling author Jonathan Alter served up sharp criticism of what he sees as a new isolationist shift in American politics, telling Newsmax that he has been “completely surprised” by the sharp anti-war, neo-isolationist fervor that has swept the country since President Obama announced his intention to attack Syrian strongman Bashar Assad’s regime.

Alter, a presidential historian as well as a journalist, has written two books on the Obama presidency, The Promise, and The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies.

Speaking immediately after the conclusion of President Obama’s national televised address on Tuesday night, the Bloomberg columnist conceded the administration’s response to the Syrian issue “has been not very skillfully handled up to now.”

But he gave the president strong marks Tuesday evening for presenting a compelling case for why the United States must respond to an apparent, blatant violation of international and humanitarian norms regarding Assad’s apparent use of chemical weapons on his own people.

Alter said he could never have predicted the wave of anti-war sentiment that has suddenly swept the United States.

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