Southwest Airlines Plane Plummets In Mid-Air

Photo Credit: andynash/flickrThe pilot of a Southwest Airlines flight headed to Raleigh/Durham International Airport (“RDU”) went on the loudspeaker and told passengers their plane was going down, according to a woman on board the flight.

“He said, we’re going down. And everyone is looking around like, is this a joke? Is he serious? And then you felt the nosedive,” passenger Shelley Wills said.

Wills told ABC11 the Tuesday night flight from Tampa took a nosedive thousands of feet in the air while they were about 100 miles away from RDU.

Wills is a nurse and tried helping the first-time flier seated next to her who was clutching her chest.

“I’m thinking oh my God, she’s going to scare herself into a heart attack,” Wills said.

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