Miller: I Cannot In Good Conscience Stand By and Do Nothing

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Democrat Senator Mark Begich is scared. Following the President’s ObamaCare press conference yesterday, Begich announced his support for delaying implementation of the law’s so-called “grandfather rule” for two years rather than one.

The provision has already caused thousands of Alaskans and millions of Americans to lose their healthcare coverage. This fits a pattern for the vulnerable first term senator, who also wants to delay the employer mandate for another two years.
The reason is perfectly clear: he does not want the bad news of cancelled policy notices, dropped employer coverage and lost jobs to be hitting Alaskans as they head to the polls next fall. This is the DC establishment at its self-absorbed worst.

Rather than truly fixing the problem by repealing ObamaCare, Mark Begich stands by his 60th and deciding vote and seeks to delay some of its gravest consequences just long enough to somehow get re-elected. We know if he is successful, he will spend six more years whole-heartedly supporting liberal policies that rob our freedom and take this nation inexorably down the road to financial catastrophe. 
These are perilous times for our country. Nothing else could induce me to venture back onto a battlefield that I know is bound to exact a high personal price, not just for me, but also for my family. But I cannot in good conscience stand by and do nothing while the political establishment puts their own self interest above the best interest of the American people.

You know where I stand. Constitutional government is the only answer to the challenges we face as a nation. It is time to stand up and fight for the things we hold dear: individual liberty, private property, free enterprise, and self-determination.
Alaskans also know that we are a unique state with boundless resources, but we have a high level of dependency on the federal government. It is time to move away from centralized power, and back toward the model of federalism envisioned by our founders.  
The dysfunction of the central government – evidenced by the unmitigated Obamacare disaster, out-of-control deficit spending, and near-total disregard for the Bill of Rights – makes a return of power to the states not just a good idea, but one that could be necessary to our very survival as a free and prosperous society.
With the balance of power in the US Senate at stake, Alaska has become a battleground state in the 2014 election cycle. 
Already corporate and special interests are spending big bucks to help Democrat Senator Mark Begich retain his seat, and outside groups are organizing on the ground in an effort to gain a strategic advantage.
While this is a matter of some concern, it is not a reason for panic. We have no intention of playing the traditional establishment game, or allowing our opponents to dictate our mode of operation.
We have the most extensive grassroots network in the state of Alaska, but we need your help to mobilize and spread our message of reform.
While we have not yet announced our official campaign kick-off date, I can assure you that we are already hard at work, and meeting with key allies from around the state and the nation to lay the necessary groundwork for a successful run. And in the meantime, we will continue to provide accountability for our sitting senator.
Let’s keep our eye on the ball. This isn’t a race merely about partisan advantage, it’s about saving the country we love.
Without a doubt, we are already watching candidates posture for political advantage. This week Mark Begich engaged in political theatrics playing the part of the outraged Senator who is shocked to learn that Obamacare is causing thousands of Alaskans to lose their healthcare plans and thousands more to see their premiums increased significantly. But we know it is not about what this or that candidate has to say during an election cycle that matters. We have heard that song and seen that dance before.
The question before the voters of Alaska will be one of who can be trusted to confront this lawless administration and to advocate for real reform in Washington. 
My positions haven’t changed. I will fight tirelessly to dismantle the Washington bureaucracy and return government to the people.
Please help make reform a reality by making a generous donation today! I cannot win this battle without your generous financial help.
Together, we can return American values to our nation’s Capitol, and return power to the people.
Thanks for your friendship and support!
Yours for Liberty,