U.S. Suspends Aid to Syrian Rebels

Mideast Syria_660_APThe Obama administration is cutting off aid to rebels in northern Syria amid concerns that it could fall into the hands of Al Qaeda-tied militants.

The White House confirmed Wednesday that the U.S. has suspended delivery of non-lethal assistance to rebels in the north. Britain reportedly has followed suit.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest cited concerns about reports that Islamist fighters seized buildings belonging to Syria’s Supreme Military Council.

“We’re obviously concerned by those reports,” he said.

Earnest said the U.S. government is consulting with the Supreme Military Council, and humanitarian aid will continue. Earnest stressed that the administration’s policy is to support “elements of the opposition that are moderate, that are committed to respecting basic human rights.”

He said: “That has been a challenge from the very beginning, both to identify the moderate elements of the opposition and to provide them the support that they need.”

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