Unconscionable: Billions Spent on Climate Change While Veterans’ Pay Gets Cut

Photo by Gandydancer

Photo by Gandydancer

As Congress prepares to open session this year, Washington is abuzz about the Obama Administration’s intentions to finally take action on global warming, a.k.a. “climate change.”

Ironically, record snowfall is slamming the northeast, while the Midwest has passed into the deep-freeze with unprecedented temperatures as low as -40 degrees, and windchills registering in at -70.

In the mean time, China and Russia are petitioning the United States Coast Guard to assist with the rescue of two stranded ships off Antarctica that were trapped in the summer sea ice while ostensibly studying the effects of “climate change.”

Nevertheless, it was reported this past weekend that, between 2010-2012, the federal government had dished out more than $7.4 billion in foreign aid to mitigate the effects of “climate change.”

Why do I bring this up? Because it is indicative of the kind of big government nonsense that has preoccupied Washington for the last twenty years. And it is “Exhibit A” for why we are $17.4 trillion in debt, and counting . . .

Yet Barack Obama’s favorite Alaskan lapdog, Senator Mark Begich, had no problem voting for a Ryan-Murray budget that slashed military retirement pay for our veterans, and all for the purpose of reportedly saving $6 billion over the course of the next several years.

It’s time to tell Congress to get real! When Washington can blow more money on foreign aid on fairy-tale solutions to a questionable phenomenon, than to keep their commitments to our nation’s veterans, there’s something desperately wrong.

When I’m elected to the United States Senate, you won’t have to wonder whether I’m going to scam your money to fund this internationalist racket. I won’t. But you can be assured that I will fight every day to make sure our military veterans are taken care of, and you can take that to the bank.

In fact, if Congress doesn’t address this outrageous betrayal of our military before I’m sworn in as your next United States Senator, I’ll personally introduce legislation to strip so-called “climate change” funding from the foreign aid budget, and fund our military veterans with the savings.

Mark Begich and both of my GOP primary opponents are all subscribers to the international climate change racket. If that’s your thing, you’ll have lots of options in 2014. But if you want someone who will stand up to this massive federal intrusion, I ask for your support.

Thank you for your faith and friendship!

In the Fight,

Joe Miller, Candidate
United States Senate