Historic Kermit Gosnell Abortion Film And The Media Cover-up

Photo Credit: GosnellMovie.com

Photo Credit: GosnellMovie.com

Filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, producers of the eye-opening film “Fracknation- have embarked on a gigantic crowdfunding campaign to raise money for their next historic film The Gosnell Movie.

The trial of abortionist and outright baby killer Kermit Gosnell was widely ignored by the mainstream media- and illustrates yet again, the rampant media malpractice that goes on in this country.

McAleer and McElhinney want the horrific story of America’s biggest serial killer to to told in the living room of every American household. And YOU can help. Go to GosnellMovie.com and make a contribution- from $1 to $10,000. Perks available to donors upon the successful funding and production of the project include a copy of the DVD Gosnell Movie, personal letters of thanks from the producers, t-shirts and even appearing in the movie itself.

Gosnell’s horrific crimes were carried out in Philadelphia, where he prayed upon mostly young women of color. The dead babies remains were sometimes kept in containers and in the refrigerator of the “clinic”- next to employees’ lunch bags.

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