Embarrassing: The Time TV Networks Said No to Obama

Photo Credit: Townhall

Photo Credit: Townhall

Earlier this week President Obama announced 7.1 million Americans had “enrolled” (whatever the heck that means at this point) in Obamacare. He made the announcement in the Rose Garden at the White House complete with a roaring crowd.

But apparently, a Rose Garden announcement wasn’t what Obama really wanted. Instead, he asked the networks to put aside a primetime spot on Tuesday so he could announce the White House hit their enrollment goal number, the same goal the White House denied ever having. His request was denied….by everyone. Oof. Buzzfeed has the scoop:

White House officials sought valuable primetime air for a rare, impromptu Tuesday night address to tout the accomplishment of signing up more than 7 million people under the Affordable Care Act.

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