The War for the GOP

Photo Credit: WND

Photo Credit: WND


It’s a crazy situation: Conservative-minded Americans – people who a generation ago were part of the “Reagan Revolution,” and today might identify with the “tea party” – are caught up in not just one, but two civil wars.

The first conflict everyone knows about: America is more polarized today than at any time in the last century.

Arrayed on one side are the forces for limited government, free-market capitalism and traditional morality, people who believe less government means more freedom, and that the “American Dream” depends primarily on self-governing, moral and religious people. Members of this side self-identify predominantly as Republicans.

On the other side are those who consider the first group to be unfair, unjust, unfeeling, selfish, intolerant, racist and predatory – and maybe evil. It is this side, which looks to government to solve virtually all problems, that currently dominates American government, media, education and culture. Members of this side self-identify overwhelmingly as Democrats.

That’s War No. 1.

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Famous Republicans targeted for dumpster


A conservative giant in Washington, D.C., has written a brand-new book that certainly won’t increase his chances of getting invited to cocktail parties inside the Beltway.

Known as the “funding father of conservatism,” Richard Viguerie’s “Takeover: The 100-Year War for the Soul of the GOP and How Conservatives Can Finally Win It” takes sides in what he describes as a century-old war for the soul of the Republican Party.

Released nationwide today, it offers a blueprint for how liberty-loving, small government conservatives can win the battle against big-government Republicans…

Target No. 1 is Karl Rove

Viguerie writes that Karl Rove “has grown wealthy by promoting the idea that content-free campaigns, rather than conservative principles, are the path to victory for the Republican Party.”

“His record of 22 losses to 9 wins in 2012 shows the folly of the Republican establishment in following Rove’s advice.”

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