“I Wouldn’t Be Here if Not for Him” Woman Says Unborn Baby Saved Her From Cancer

Photo Credit: LifeNews

Photo Credit: LifeNews

We’ve reported these kinds of stories before at LifeNews. A woman becomes pregnant and, because of pregnancy, she discovered cancer or some other medical condition that may very well have gone untreated and potentially claimed her life.

Although doctors sometimes suggest an abortion when a woman battling cancer is pregnant, in the case of Amy Hansen of Fort Collins, Colorado, she firmly believes she owes her life today to her unborn child.

Collins was diagnosed with ovarian cancer just weeks after learning she was pregnant with her first son. The 29-year-old tells the local newspaper she firmly believes her pregnancy and her son saved her life and now she wants others to know they can deal with cancer and carry a baby to term at the same time.

Studies show women don’t need to have an abortion and can safely seek chemo treatment during pregnancy.

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