Miller: VA Scandal Part of ‘Pattern of Deceit’

Photo credit: APJoe Miller today stated that the VA scandal is just the latest in a pattern of deceit emanating from the Obama Administration, and that U.S. Senator Mark Begich is part of the problem.

Reports recently surfaced revealing that certain Veterans Administration medical facilities around the country have been “gaming” the system to give the appearance that veterans are receiving better and more timely care than they are. Tragically, while VA officials have been propagating this false information, veterans have been denied the critical care they need, which, in several known instances, resulted in the loss of life.

“What we have learned over the last days and weeks about the unfolding scandal at the VA, fits a pattern of deceit that has permeated the Obama Presidency,” said Miller. “As a veteran who has used VA services and as a citizen, I am outraged that once again the actions of this Administration have cost American lives.”

The VA scandal does not reflect well on this President or Senator Begich, who want us to trust the federal government to continue to oversee the healthcare of our entire nation through ObamaCare.

From the IRS, to Benghazi, to the NSA, to Fast and Furious, to the AP wiretapping scandals, the President who promised to lead the “most transparent” Administration has instead led one that operates in the shadows.

Where has Begich been during the trail of scandals that have plagued the Obama Presidency? He has carried the water for the most lawless Administration in United States history, voting with the President 97 percent of the time last year. What is Begich’s answer to making the executive branch more accountable to the people? He voted for the “nuclear option” with Harry Reid and the Democrats, taking away a century-and-a-half precedent of the right of the minority to check overweening executive power.

“President Obama and Mark Begich’s five years in office have undermined the Constitution and further eroded the faith and trust of the American people in their government. As Alaska’s next United States senator, I will do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of the VA scandal and support my fellow veterans. It is imperative that the next Congress begins the hard work of restoring the faith and trust of the people in their government,” said Miller.

Joe Miller is a husband, father, combat veteran, and advocate of Constitutional liberty who believes in individual rights, private property, free markets and the sanctity of human life.