Ted Cruz: ‘Conservatives Are Winning’

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) laid out a seven-point argument for how he knows “conservatives are winning” that almost doubles as the case for his presidential candidacy.

“What I’m going to talk to you about this afternoon is how we can win. And let me tell you something that is not getting a whole lot of coverage in the mainstream media: Conservatives are winning,” Cruz said Friday evening during a speech at the 2014 RedState Gathering in Fort Worth, Texas. (In his brief pause after that remark, one audience member asked, just audibly, “Really?”)

“The grassroots are winning fight after fight after fight,” he continued, citing “seven victories all together.” Cruz’s listed five completed victories and two that he said were “fixin’ to be” won.

In the five: 1) Stopping the gun legislation that followed the Newtown shooting. “I was proud to stand with my friends Rand Paul and Mike Lee and say we would filibuster any legislation [against the Second Amendment,” Cruz said. “That gave the opportunity for y’all to engage . . . suddenly all the folks that were getting wobbly on guns started having their phone lines melt down.”

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