6 Times Obama Declared Crisis, Then Did Nothing

Photo Credit: APLast week, President Obama finally began taking Ebola seriously – so seriously that he cancelled a campaign trip in order to hold an emergency meeting on Ebola. He then appointed a new Ebola czar, Ron Klain, whose stellar qualifications for handling a possible Ebola outbreak include flacking for Janet Reno, Al Gore, and Joe Biden. Finally, Obama held another Ebola meeting after going golfing. Klain skipped the meeting. It was the second such meeting Klain skipped.

Don’t worry. The Obama administration has top men on the job. Top. Men.

This makes the 1,297th crisis the Obama administration has initially ignored, then declared a crisis, then ignored again. Which doesn’t mean that the crises disappear – far from it. They accelerate, grow, metastasize. But since prestidigitator Obama has busily misdirected to the next pseudocrisis – Global warming! Sexual assault on college campuses! Fat kiddies shoving fast food down their drooling pieholes! – the media never return to the scene of the continuing crime.

Here are the top crises declared by the Obama administration – and the unreported-upon aftermath:

IRS Scandal. In the aftermath of the IRS admitting that it had targeted conservative non-profit applicants, President Obama said, “Americans are right to be angry about it, and I am angry about it.” He then said that there was no need for a special prosecutor – Eric Holder would clearly clean up this mess. Today, conservatives are still being targeted, and the Obama administration continues to obstruct any attempt to find the wrongdoers.

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