Report: 71 Percent of this State's Job Growth Since 2000 Has Gone to Immigrants Over Americans

Photo Credit: AFPA whopping 71% of new jobs in New Hampshire since 2000 have gone to foreign immigrant workers—both those who are here illegally and legally—a new report from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) found.

“Job growth in New Hampshire has not been very strong,” Steven Camarota, CIS’s research director and the report’s co-author, said in a statement accompanying its release. “The situation for natives without a college education has been particular bad. Thus, it is surprising that many of New Hampshire’s politicians supported the Gang of Eight bill, which would give work authorization to illegal immigrants and dramatically increase the number of foreign workers allowed into the country in the future.”

One particular politician in the state who supported the “Gang of Eight” bill, which would have hurt even more New Hampshire jobs than current immigration policy does, is incumbent Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH). Shaheen voted for the immigration bill and regularly defends it on the campaign trail, despite the fact that the data that CIS found shows New Hampshire’s citizens are struggling, and illegal and legal immigrants are taking many of the state’s new jobs.

The study, which relies on government data from entities such as the U.S. Census Bureau, found that through 2000 to the first half of 2014, immigrants both legal and illegal took 21,000 new jobs in New Hampshire. Meanwhile, during the same time frame, native-born U.S. citizens in New Hampshire got only 8,700 new jobs.

But despite the 71% increase in jobs to foreign workers in the state, the percentage of U.S. citizens born in New Hampshire during that time frame increased 65%—something CIS says is “striking.”

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