Abortionist: Stop Calling Us “Abortionists,” We Should be Called “Heroes”

JulieBurkhartAs is often the case, because the amount of information on the web is virtually limitless, you run across the response to something that had run previously you hadn’t seen. That happened to me today when The Oklahoman ran a letter-to-the-editor responding to its editorial, “When the issue is abortion, plain English discouraged.”

The letter (boxing the editorial board’s ears) comes from “Julie Burkhart, Wichita, Kan.” Her allegiance is not noted. For the record, Burkhart [above] has opened an abortion business (manned by “circuit-rider” abortionists) at the location of the late George Tiller’s infamous abortion clinic. Her response requires we know something about the editorial, which is, say we shall, written circuitously before arriving at a thoughtful conclusion.

The two players referenced in the editorial are Oklahoma County District Judge Bill Graves, who “recently upheld a state law requiring doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital,” and “Dr. Larry A. Burns, who challenged the Oklahoma law regarding admitting privileges.”

The editorial goes on to note that “Burns performs 44 percent of abortions that occur in Oklahoma. And he’s done them for 40 years. Yet Burns isn’t referred to as an ‘abortionist,’ although his practice clearly focuses on abortion.”

The editorial does a masterful job illustrating why Burns, who aborts and aborts and aborts, wants to be called a “doctor.”

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