Impeach, Defund the King

kingobama2Last night, Obama unilaterally – with zero congressional approval – enacted what some have called the “most sweeping overhaul” of US immigration policy in decades. Why? Because he apparently wants the United States to continue to self-destruct. And because he believes he’s King Obama.

What did he do that was so outrageous? First, he’s rewarding at least four million illegal aliens who have been in the US for five years or more by ordering immigration officials to ignore the law and not deport them. Second, he’s further rewarding these illegal aliens by authorizing them to work in the United States. Third, Obama is dramatically expanding his Dreamer program by eliminating the age cap of thirty years for illegal aliens who simply claim their parents brought them to the U.S. when they were minors. He’s also no longer prioritizing deportation of Dreamer parents. This will impact millions of illegals who are in the U.S. today.

Rewarding lawbreaking with a promise not to deport is a form of amnesty, pure and simple. The illegal is excused from the consequences of his unlawful acts. But even worse, he is also rewarded for what he has done.

What’s so bad about all of this? It’s a blatant violation of the law. The president of this country – no matter who he is – does not have the authority to ignore the laws that say it’s illegal for non-citizens to sneak across the border, work and have kids in a country that’s not their own. Nor does he have the authority to ignore laws requiring their deportation. And he certainly does not have the authority to then reward these illegal aliens by granting them work visas and other benefits of their long-term law breaking. His job is to enforce the laws, not break them.

Not only does Obama’s amnesty debase the rule of law, it is inevitable that it will also encourage millions of more illegal aliens to sneak across the U.S. border. Everyone knows that rewarding illegal behavior will serve as inducement for the exact same thing in the future.

So America’s borders will continue to crumble, as will our language and culture. Wages will spiral downward as the American worker takes the brunt of the millions more joining the labor market. Multinational corporations – and the politicians they own – will celebrate, recognizing yet another step toward the open-border policy they secretly desire.

What should the Republican Congress do about this lawless President? As I stated in August, Obama has done plenty to justify impeachment including his “dereliction of duty, selectively enforcing the law, and usurping powers that the Constitution does not authorize. He is willfully undermining the rule of law and creating chaos.”

Although impeachment would clearly be a hit on reputation – and should be pursued – it won’t stop Obama. What the newly-GOP-infused Congress should do is defund the chief executive. The defunding could be targeted, designed to impose real inconvenience to the President until he bows to the legislative branch.

Will the Republican-led Congress have the courage to do this? Hopefully. Many conservatives are sick and tired of a “go along, get along” system where both parties continue to participate in the deconstruction of a great nation. They’re sick and tired of holding their noses and voting for the lesser of the evils. If the GOP does not confront this lawlessness, it risks fading into obscurity, losing opportunity to lead in 2016.