Family Starved 32-Year-Old Man With Down Syndrome to Death, He Weighed Just 69 Pounds

Photo Credit: LifeNews

Photo Credit: LifeNews

We’ve written three times about Robert Gensiak, who died an unspeakably brutal death, starved to the point where his bones showed through by his mother and sisters. His “crime”? To be defenseless. He had Down syndrome.

He weighed 69 pounds at his death; the local newspaper chose not to print photos “as a matter of taste.” Mr. Gensiak’s shriveled remains were cremated.

As the prosecutors made abundantly clear at trial, he was nothing more than a meal ticket to his sisters and mother.

They told the police the day after he died (in response to how his health had so badly deteriorated) they were “concern[ed] that if they placed Mr. Gensiak in a personal care facility, the financial support they received from his Social Security benefits would dry up.” According to Joseph Kohut of the Times-Tribune of Scranton, “Before the end of the interview, investigators said Mr. Gensiak’s mother asked if she would still receive her son’s Social Security check even though he died.”

In June 2013, Lackawanna County District Attorney Andy Jarbola described Mr. Gensiak’s death as “the worst case of neglect I’ve seen the last 26 years. …This family, the mother and two sisters, basically let this young man rot to death.”

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