Confirmed Case of Ebola in Scotland; CDC Now Offers Free Burials

Photo Credit: Fox News

Photo Credit: Fox News

By Reuters. The Scottish government said a confirmed case of Ebola was diagnosed in Glasgow.

The patient was a health care worker was helping combat the disease in west Africa, the government said.

The patient has been isolated and is receiving treatment in the specialist Brownlee Unit for Infectious Diseases on the Gartnavel Hospital campus. (Read more from this story HERE)


Deaths from Ebola Hit 7,708, CDC Comic Book Has Started to Offer Free Burials

By Paul Bedard. The death toll from the Ebola outbreak has hit 7,708, and the total number of cases charted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has nearly reached 20,000, the federal agency said on Monday

The latest count comes as the CDC continues to warn family and friends of those killed by Ebola in West Africa to stay away from the bodies and call authorities for a free burial.

The warning is in an easy-to-understand comic book titled “Ebola Must Go: Bury All Dead Bodies Safely.” The 10-page book tells family and friends to stay three feet away from the body and let aid workers clean up.

At actual burial, five family members will be allowed to participate. “Five members of the family will be able to attend the burial. They will not travel with the burial team. The family can stand 15 feet away. A religious leader can come. The family can chose a gravestone for the family member,” according to the comic book. (Read more from this story HERE)