Courageous Pregnant Woman With Breast Cancer Rejects Abortion

Photo Credit: Life News By Sarah Zagorski. Breast cancer during pregnancy is very rare, occurring in only one in every 3,000 pregnant women. That’s why when Ottawa mother, Jillian O’Conner, felt a lump in her breast while nursing her 1-year-old son she thought it was a blocked milk duck.

Jillian was only 31-years-old and 16-weeks pregnant when she discovered the lump and decided to visit her doctor. At first she was diagnosed with stage two cancer but was upgraded to stage four when doctors found that her liver was enlarged, which meant that the cancer had metastasized.

Her doctor, Mark Clemons, shared more with the Ottawa news. He said, “‘Jillian is facing not only the challenge of going through cancer treatment while pregnant but she knows her disease is not curable and once her baby is born, we will change her treatment to give her the best chance of long and fulfilling life.” He also said that most doctors advise women with breast cancer while pregnant to abort but he believes he can help O’Conner and her baby. (Read more about the pregnant woman with breast cancer HERE)


Woman Refuses to Abort Two of Her Three Babies After Doctors Tell Her To

By Steven Ertelt. A mother in Britain has told her doctors that she will definitely not take their advice to terminate the lives of two of her triplet babies in abortions in order to supposedly save the life of one of them.

Jaime Halsey and husband were told they were expecting twins in October but an ultrasound scan showed one baby was 25 per cent smaller than others. Her physicians recommended an abortion, but she’s refused saying she will continue the pregnancy and hope for the best even though doctors claim the chance of all three babies surviving is 50-50.

The abortion selection is known in the medical industry as “selective reduction.”

“Selective reduction” is the abortion of one or more babies in a multiple pregnancy. Basically, if a woman is pregnant with twins, triplets, or more—often through in vitro fertilization or another fertility treatment—and she decides she only wants one or two babies, she aborts the rest. (Read more from this story HERE)

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