Domino’s Pizza to Obamacare: Fed’s Calorie Rule is a Disaster

Photo Credit: Free Beacon
The final Obamacare regulation forcing restaurant chains to display calorie information is causing headaches for companies who say it is “impossible to comply” with the new rule.

Domino’s Pizza, one of the regulation’s most outspoken critics, said the rule from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is vaguely written and carries the possibility of jail time.

“Essentially we think this rule is a kind of disaster for everybody,” Lynn Liddle, executive vice president of Domino’s, told the Washington Free Beacon. “Not just pizza but restaurants, and anybody that’s going to fall within this law. It’s still not workable.”

One problem, Liddle said, is that the final rule broadly expanded the definition of what qualifies as a “menu.” Under the rule “menu” can refer to any writing that “used by a customer to make an order selection at the time the customer is viewing the writing,” which could apply to advertisements.

“We no longer know what a menu is,” Liddle said. “It’s really hard to interpret. Essentially they’re saying anything that a consumer can look at and make a potential ordering decision from is a menu.” She said this could apply to flyers, ads in the newspapers, or signs in the window. (Read more on how the calorie rule is unworkable HERE)

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