NYPD Officers Turn Backs on de Blasio, Again

By Peter Holley. Police, public officials and mourners from across the country gathered Sunday to honor a detective killed last month in an act of violence that has roiled New York City, with a large number of officers again making their frustrations with the city’s mayor apparent by turning their backs on him as he paid tribute to the slain officer.

Defying a request from Police Commissioner William Bratton, the strident display of protest began as Mayor Bill de Blasio took the podium at the Aievoli Funeral Home in Brooklyn to eulogize Detective Wenjian Liu, reinforcing entrenched feelings of hostility that have gripped the department in the weeks since Liu and Detective Rafael Ramos were fatally shot without warning on a Brooklyn street.

In highly controversial remarks, union leaders have criticized the mayor for expressing support for demonstrations against police brutality and accused him of fostering an environment that encourages attacks on police officers. (Read more about the officers turn backs on de Blasio HERE)


Atrocious Anti-Cop Editorial: Still No Apology from New York Times

By David Asman. The New York Times is clearly feeling the heat over an atrocious editorial they published on Tuesday blaming New York City cops for feelings of “self-pity” and “victimhood” after two of New York’s finest were gunned down in cold blood as they sat in their patrol car.

The editorial, published just three days after the funeral of one of those cops, was not only offensive to the sensibilities of New Yorkers who are grateful to our “men in blue,” it was absolutely heartless in its timing. This was an editorial venal enough to rankle even liberal New Yorkers. . .

While I obviously don’t have access to phone records or emails between the mayor’s office and the Times’ editorial board, the mayor’s push with allies on Sunday and Monday and the editorial’s appearance on Tuesday seems more than coincidental. (Read more from this story HERE)

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