Dead of Apparent Murder-Suicide: Writer/Director of “The Gray State” Movie, Predicted U.S. Police State (+videos)

In the white rambler in the 1000 block of Ramsdell Drive in Apple Valley, a terrible sight awaited police: The bodies of a man, woman and child lying in the living room, the perpetrator and victims of an apparent murder-suicide.

The bodies may have been there for up to four weeks before they were found Saturday afternoon; neighbors next door and across the street said they hadn’t seen the family since before Christmas.

Authorities have not officially identified the people found in the home, but neighbors, real estate records and other data showed they were David T. Crowley, 29; his wife, Komel Crowley, 28, and their 5-year-old daughter, Rani. A black handgun lay nearby.

The family’s dog was still alive, but wild and aggressive when police arrived, said neighbor Collin Prochnow, who discovered the bodies. . .

[Neighbor] Judy Prochnow said another neighbor had commented to her about the curtains at the Crowleys’ home being wide open when, usually, they were closed.

But neither the Prochnows nor Alice and Bill Hixson, who live across the street, heard any gunshots or a dog barking, they said. (Read more from this story HERE)

The Writer/Producer of The Gray State Suggests Second American Revolution Will be Forgotten

Watch the Trailer to The Gray State as well as an interview with David Crowley regarding the movie.


The Writer/Producer of The Gray State Speaks at PaulFest in 2012