Canadians Proposing to Euthanize Mentally Disabled Patients

In the 1990s the Canadian Supreme Court ruled that assisted suicide is not a constitutional right. But the Court has again taken up the issue–and hence, I suspect the handwriting is on the wall.

That seems so clear that culture of death advocates are already making serious [euthanasia] proposals. . . University of Victoria bioethicist Eike-Henner W. Kluge has made news with a “Legislative Proposal” that would:

1. Establish euthanasia death courts–also being proposed in the UK–in a country that doesn’t permit capital punishment;
2. Allow a broad license to be euthanized based on almost wholly subjective criteria;
3. Allow the courts to order the incompetent to be euthanized.

Here are a few specifics. First, the right to be killed would be totally subjective, based on “values” of the person wanting to die:

If a person suffers from an incurable and irremediable disease or medical condition, and if that person experiences the disease or condition as violating the fundamental values of that person.

Good grief, that could mean anything beyond the transitory. (Read more about the proposal to euthanize mentally disabled patients HERE)

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