Female College Student Saves Boyfriend’s Life With Gun

Photo Credit: Wesh By Gail Paschall-Brown. Two burglars were thwarted by a University of Central Florida student with a gun, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said the culprits barged into the student’s apartment after knocking on the door at the Village at Alafaya Club Tuesday night.

One of the residents answered the door and was forced to the ground at gunpoint as the men ransacked the apartment, investigators said.

“He grabbed me by the throat. He took me a little further into the living room and pushed me down and said, ‘Don’t move. Just stay down,'” UCF student Nour Skargee, 22, said. “They didn’t realize my girlfriend was in her room and thank God she was in her room. I yelled, ‘Hey, grab the gun.’ . . .

“I quickly closed my door and locked it to get some extra time to get the gun,” Nehme said. “He immediately, when he saw the gun, turned right back around, darted out and both of them fled the apartment.” (Read more about the female college student saving her boyfriends life HERE)


Man Holds Burglar at Gun Point After He Tries to Rob Victim’s Home

By Sam Cadle. Thanks to the watchful eye on a neighbor, a North Carolina homeowner was able to come home and catch a burglar in his home. The neighbor noticed a suspicious vehicle in the driveway and called the homeowner, John Painter, to let him know. When he arrived home he found his door forced open and when he went inside he found a man inside. He retrieved his handgun, held the burglar face down and called 911. All too often neighbors don’t help each other and make the calls, or investigate things that might be suspicious.

I do applaud the local Sheriff’s office for letting the public know that if you are able to safely, detaining someone is your right. Many times we hear law enforcement tell people to just leave the situation and go to a safe place, allowing a burglar to continue to ransack your home or even get away. The Sheriff’s PIO did, to the media, say that concealed carry permits were on the rise, so home invaders should think twice. (Read more from this story HERE)

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