Begich and Murkowski’s Support for Obama’s Radical Anti-Gun Appellate Court Nominee Ends in Defeat

Yesterday, the Obama Administration admitted defeat in withdrawing its left-wing nominee, Caitlin Halligan, for the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals. Republicans successfully filibustered the nomination, pointing out that Halligan had argued as New York’s solicitor general that firearms manufacturers should be held liable for violent crimes committed with their guns.

The National Rifle Association vigorously opposed Halligan’s nomination. Curiously, the NRA’s darling in the senate, Lisa Murkowski, was the only Republican to support Obama’s nominee. All other Republicans joined the filibuster effort. Begich, of course, joined with the other gun control advocates in the Senate.

Halligan isn’t just known as an anti-gunner, she also is marked by her pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, open border, radical environmental, and affirmative action views.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Alaska’s senior senator has backed a leftist judge. Last February, Murkowski joined with other RINO’s and Begich to confirm Jesse Furman to the Federal Court of Appeals. Furman infamously blamed America’s violence on its “fascination with guns.”

The first test of how Alaskans will embrace the anti-gun votes of their elected federal officials will come in 2014 with Mark Begich’s reelection efforts. But Murkowski will face the same test just two years later. Both should be sent packing.