This is One of the Best Engagement Photo’s Ever but Liberals Will Hate It

Engagement announcements are meant to let friends and family know about exciting wedding plans while also including some personal touches. One couple in Oregon was able to do that with a hilarious photo — and it has the added bonus of driving liberals crazy.

Stevie Beard and Brady Hogevoll recently hired a photographer to capture some professional images for their engagement announcement. While some of the shots were traditional, they also had a unique idea that proved to be very popular.

Photo Credit: Conservative Tribune

“I shot the photo on a property owned by Brady’s parents. They have over 150 acres along the Siletz River (in Oregon). The whole family is very into elk hunting and even hosts Make-A-Wish elk hunts on occasion,” explained Joshua Rainey, the photographer.

It was apparently the couple’s idea to do, er, the shoot, but they worked together with Rainey to improvise the setup.

“Stevie and Brady came up with the idea and surprised me with it during engagement photos. We worked together to figure out how the image should look and set it up quickly before sunset,” he said. (Read more about the engagement photo HERE)

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