Was Chris Kyle’s Killer a Muslim?

Photo Credit: AllenbWest The “conventional wisdom” says former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was tragically shot and killed by a former soldier suffering from PTSD.

But perhaps there’s another version of the story no one wants to talk about. What if Routh had been converted to militant Islam in Iraq and sought Kyle out as retribution? . . .

According to The Warfighter Foundation, it is highly unlikely Routh suffered from PTSD because he never served in battle . . .

While Routh never served in battle, he did work as a prison guard overseeing Muslim terrorists at Bilad Airbase. Walid Shoebat posits that Routh could have interacted with the inmates and perhaps converted to Islam.

While there is no proof of any conversion, Shoebat says “During a phone call with his father, Routh expressed sympathy for the detainees and discontent over how the US was conducting the war as well as his reluctance to engage in combat” and “While working as a guard at Balad Air Base, Routh laments his [Muslim] prisoners’ poor living conditions.” (Read more from “Chris Kyle’s Killer a Muslim?” HERE)

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