Amazing Act of Kindness From Kentucky Police Officer

Photo Credit: WKYTBy Garret Wymer. A London [Kentucky] police officer took it upon himself to help a suspected shoplifter after realizing the man was in a difficult situation.

“As a police officer, it’s not black and white for us,” said Officer Justin Roby. “There’s a lot of gray. And you have to cipher through everything and you really need to figure out the whole story.”

Roby was called to the Kroger on North Main Street in London on Saturday, Jan. 17 after a loss prevention officer stopped a man who was shoplifting.

The suspect was a single father who had fallen on hard times, Roby said. The man was caught stealing baby formula for his six-month-old son, who was with him at the time . . .

The officer bought some formula himself, giving it to the man for his baby. (Read more about what the Kentucky police officer did HERE)


Police Officer Recognized for His Act of Kindness With an Autistic Woman

By Mike Anderson. A Waukesha police officer is being recognized for a notable act of kindness . . .

A couple of weeks ago, he got a call from Target about an out-of-control 19-year-old woman.

“She was in one of the aisles at the store. She was with a caregiver, and the caregiver was particularly concerned because this particular individual had been lashing out lately and getting violent,” Bukouras said.

Bukouras quickly realized that the woman just wanted to buy a doll. He also learned she has severe autism and did not understand the concept of money.

He calmed her down, and when he found out the caregiver didn’t have money to pay for the doll, he bought it himself and gave it to her. (Read more from this story HERE)

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