Alaska Senate Panel Advances Bill Regarding Pot Crimes

potA Senate committee advanced legislation Monday that would update state laws related to marijuana crimes.

The Senate Finance Committee moved the bill after adopting a new version.

SB 30, would update state crimes now that certain recreational use and possession of marijuana is legal for adults 21 and older. It sets out the crimes for possession of larger amounts of marijuana, allows emergency responders under 21 to enter marijuana businesses, and prohibits delivery or transportation of marijuana for sale or barter.

It also would prohibit a commercial or retail marijuana industry in the state’s unorganized borough outside of municipalities, although it allows established villages to opt back in.

The most contentious of the amendments the committee discussed earlier in the month, which would have banned marijuana concentrates beginning in 2017, was not included in the version of the bill the committee advanced. (Read more from “Alaska Senate Panel Advances Bill Regarding Pot Crimes” HERE)

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