Obama’s Orwellian Double-Speak: I’ve Made the US ‘Safer, Stronger and More Respected in the World’

At yesterday’s nomination of Senator John Kerry as the United States’ next Secretary of State, Obama made the ridiculous statement that he’d made the US “safer, stronger and more respected in the world.”

How any American could possibly believe this crazy talk is beyond me.

Anyone who spends more than a minute or two each day reviewing the news can see that Obama’s entire Middle East policy has completely unraveled, leaving the world deeply destabilized.

Obama thinks things are safer? How about Iran’s ever-advancing nuclear program, with its weapons manufacturing now buried so deep underground that it’s immune from our bombs. Iran has been so emboldened by Obama that, according to Hillary Clinton, the Persians are now spreading terrorism to our next door neighbor, Mexico, and creating new alliances with drug cartels.

And respect? Is that how our ambassador in Benghazi was treated?

Things aren’t much better in Iraq. There, fatwas have issued, encouraging the killing of Christians. Much of the vibrant Christian Iraqi community has fled the country. Similarly, in Syria, US-backed rebels are suspected of using the cover of civil war to murder minority Christians. Minority religious groups are literally under the gun in Egypt now, too.

Obama’s fingerprints are all over this growing Egyptian problem, where we exchanged one pro-American dictator for an anti-American, anti-Semitic dictator. According to an Egyptian opposition leader with whom I spoke with this week, the Obama administration actually pressured the Egyptian military to “fix” the vote to ensure that the Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate, Mohammed Morsi, won.

Now that Obama helped this radical into office, President Morsi has attempted to seize broad, unconstitutional powers. His supporters have used torture, rape and sexual assault to stifle dissent. And the media refuses to provide fair coverage.

The globalist Henry Kissinger seems to recognize where Obama is headed with these pro-Muslim Brotherhood policies, suggesting that Israel will cease to exist in ten years.

It can’t help that Syria has likely gained ballistic missiles as a result of our meddling there.

How about China, thumbing its nose at the US and threatening our Japanese ally over its long held control of several remote islands in the Pacific Ocean? And this is not the only place in the Pacific where the Chinese are flexing their muscle and threatening massive global disorder.

There’s no doubt that Obama’s full-body embrace with the Muslim Brotherhood has been one of the most catastrophic foreign policy blunders of recent history. That, combined with Obama’s coddling of Chavez, refusal to stand up to China, passivity to Russian aggression (submarines off the US coast, bombers near Alaska airspace), social experimentation in the US military, and other apparent missteps, make it clear that Obama has not given us a safer world. His actions have encouraged derision, instability, and a far more insecure future.